For 66 years offering the best and more resistant cranes in Brazil.

It was from the vision of Mr. Leonel Barcellos and 23 other partners that Masal – Agricultural Machinery Santo Antônio da Patrulha LTDA – was founded on March 31, 1953.

With an initial workforce of 12 workers, the company’s initial output was 54 trilhadeiras.

Still in the 50’s, Masal, seeking to expand its operations, launches the Agricultural Cart, the Line Feeding Machine and the Tank Car, thus reaching the national and international market.

In the 60’s the company launches the Semeadeira a Lanço, and in the 70’s the Carreta Graneleira and the Colheitadeira Auto-Motriz.

In 1988 Masal was acquired by Mr. Cláudio Bier, since then president of the group. With a team of collaborators gathered in the community, the project was continued, diversifying production, starting to produce vehicular cranes.

In 2001, we incorporated Jacui from Cachoeira do Sul into the group. Wich is an icon in agricultural machinery and many awards holder. Today we are proud to see Jacui associated with Masal Group. Looking for excellence in the quality of our products, modernization, design and competitiveness in the market, we invested in a new factory. This time in Caxias do Sul, one of the largest metal-mechanic poles in Brazil and growing every day.

For more than 50 years we have been bringing technology and strength to the most difficult jobs. With our own components production and highly capacitated engineers, our factory exceeds the normal standards of resistance and durability, designing and building high performance machines that make the job easier for people to build a great future. It is one of the most recognized industries in the sector, and has sales force in all regions of Brazil and abroad.

This is how Masal contributes to evolution. Working with determination in present, projecting with determination our tomorrow.