Grain Trailers




MASAL Jacuí has 60 years of experience in production of high quality agricultural equipment. The company is reference in durability and operation simplicity to many farmers around the country, it’s one of the most traditional industry of the national agricultural sector, mostly in the cereals transportation line, through the fabrication of many kinds of Grain Trailers.

To attend the farmer’s needs, our company offers a complete Grain Trailers line that can be used on transporting and moving grains during the harvest. Facilitating the production management work, providing security to transport through any terrain kind where they work are needed.
With simple, but robust structure, this equipment increases the fuel yield, improving the economy, providing more profit to farmers.

Technical Features
Because of its funnel type construc􀀁on, the equipment guarantees simplicity and yield on download opera􀀁on made by the endless screw thread, that is triggered by tractor power take‐off. The endless screw thread is constructed using Cold Rolling system, this ensures resistance and durability.

This equipment is usually provided with 15×30” hoops, or similar: 18×26”, 15×34”, depending on the clients need.

It also has a rear bagger and lower side opening to gravity download procedure or adaptation of supplier kit.