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Platforms Line

Rear Unloading Platform
Masal Dumper


Platforms Line

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Caminhão masal.png
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The 21 meter MASAL rear unloading platform has a fixed chassis lock as standard, and can be replaced by a mobile chassis lock as an option.


Developed by our company, the coupling system allows interchangeability on the platform, optimizing the use of the equipment.


The platform supports stump trucks, trucks, trailers and bitrens of up to 90 tons.


With it, the unloading process is carried out in a simplified way, taking an average of 4 minutes, contributing to the unloading process and considerably reducing queues at bulk receiving centers.


The hydraulic and electric units were specially developed for this application, having in their configuration high quality equipment and Schneider and Siemens electrical components. In addition, the lifting cylinders are specially developed for the equipment.

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- Robust and resistant structure with structural steel application;
- All cylinders developed specifically for the project, with special treatment;
- Axes and movement elements with application of high resistance materials;
- Use of a soft starter that allows gains in consumption reduction;
- Mobile chassis lock with specific development to dar 
security at a price that differentiates the market;
- Plumbing hydraulic driving system 
special, avoiding exposure of the hoses e 
the constant maintenance by 
disruption of them.

Tombador Masal 2.png
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System that allows the exchange
fixed and mobile chassis locks.

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3,000 mm

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