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Agricultural Line

Retro Giro Mobile with
Tipper body


Agricultural Line


This equipment with 420º rotation was developed to meet the demand of rural areas. It is suitable for building ditches on rural roads, culverts, bridges and other services in the settlements in support of agricultural activities.

The Retro set with a 3/4 truck with tipper body makes it possible for Retro to transport, load and unload gravel, sand and bulk materials in a single vehicle.


Tipper-type body, made of thin cold steel sheets, for both sides of the truck. Activation through hydraulic cylinder, with locks on the sides, with the remaining length of the chassis between the vehicle cabin and equipment (middle) around 4,000 mm (maximum) according to the vehicle's wheelbase and PBT.

Maximum load capacity of 2,500 kg with a side height of 450 mm,
in cold thin sheet metal and with removable side covers. Has fenders
in steel and rubber clay trimmer.

Accompanies reflective strips according to Inmetro standard.

retro giro móvel 1.png
retro giro móvel.png
Especificações Técnicas
Profundidade máxima de escavação
2,40 m
Altura máxima de descarga
3,70 m
Distância do centro de giro ao extremo dos dentes da caçamba
4,70 m
Capacidade da caçamba standard
93 L
Força de escavação
2.500 Kgf
Volume possível de escavação da amplitude máxima a 180º
45 m³
Rendimento do trabalho de escavação
20 m³/h
Ângulo de giro da concha
Ângulo de giro
Peso do equipamento
1.460 Kg
Número de cilindros hidráulicos
Capacidade do reservatório hidráulico
Pressão de trabalho
Vazão de trabalho
72 Ipm
Capacidade do veículo para instalação superior a
4,00 t
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