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Agricultural Line

Agricultural Scrapers

Agricultural Line

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The Agricultural Scraper Masal Scraper RAM can be used in numerous tasks, among them we can highlight:

Construction and maintenance of weirs, dams and dikes;

Road construction and maintenance;

Construction and maintenance of drainage and irrigation channels;

Earthworks, ground leveling, earthworks and embankments.








The Agricultural Scraper Masal Scraper RAM is easy to handle, activated by just one control lever that determines the entire work cycle, that is:


Load, transport and unload:

The load is carried out through the filling mouth, equipped with a knife made of high-friction steel.
Both the muzzle and knife angles are designed to decrease tractive effort, resulting in lower power and fuel requirements.

It also has a self-retention system by teeth. Unloading can be carried out in uniform layers, facilitating compaction.



The construction is robust, as high mechanical strength materials are used. This equipment was designed to work on different types of soil, to withstand long working hours.


Hydraulic system:

The loading and unloading movements are carried out by two hydraulic cylinders, made of seamless steel tubes and with rods coated in hard chrome.
It has high resistance hoses with steel lines and quick coupling (male).

The hydraulic drive system can be carried out in the following ways:
Standard System:
Pump and command available on the tractor are used, supplied with quick coupling.

Masal Hydraulic System:
Optionally, a system consisting of a hydraulic pump, control and oil tank can be supplied.

Tax Classification: 84306990 - Finame Code: 0390569

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