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Agricultural Line

Bulk Agricultural Carts

CG 6T • CG 7.5T • CG 9.5T • CG 12T • CG 15T



Masal Jacuí has 60 years of experience in the production of high quality agricultural implements and high operational performance.

Reference of durability and simplicity of operation for many generations of farmers, the company is one of the most traditional industries in the national agricultural sector, mainly in the cereal transport line, through the manufacture of various types of bulk trailers.

To meet the needs of the farmer, Masal Jacuí offers a complete line of bulk trailers for the transport and movement of cereals during harvest.

Facilitating the work of production management, transiting safely in any type of terrain where its presence is necessary.

The characteristics of light manufacturing, simple, but with robustness, this equipment carries more payload and provides greater income and economy for the farmer.


Due to its funnel-type construction, this equipment provides more simplicity and efficiency in the unloading operation, which is activated by the tractor's power take-off and is made only by a cold-rolled worm-screw pipe. This feature contributes to increased strength, better functionality and durability in the flushing system.

This equipment is normally supplied with 15x30 rims, or similar 18x26, 15x34 and others on request.

It also has a rear bagger and lower side opening for gravity unloading and/or adaptation of the supply kit.


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