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Agricultural Line

Valet Arm

Agricultural Line

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Attachable to any make and model of tractor, it is versatile and of high quality for agriculture, especially in drainage, opening, conservation and maintenance of irrigation channels, dams and roads, as well as other types of earthmoving services.

Masal used the most modern technology in hydraulic equipment to develop the Braço Valetador – BVM 2000.

In addition to the differentiated performance due to the technical characteristics, it is an equipment that is part of the portfolio of a company with 60 years of history and recognized high quality and robustness of the products it develops.

Technical Features:


Constructed with steel plates with high mechanical resistance (high yield strength). All the main joints (pins and bushings) are interchangeable, made of special steels, ground and heat treated. Ensuring more work safety and robustness to withstand the heaviest jobs that the equipment is subjected to.

The coupling of this equipment is carried out through a specific chassis for any type of tractor with more than 45 HP, guaranteeing rigidity between the tractor and the Valetador Arm. Coupling is simple and allows you to free up the tractor for other tasks very quickly.

Radial Shoes:
It has two stabilizer shoes with independent drive that allow the tractor to be suspended, isolating it from the efforts during work.

Driven by the tractor's power take-off, by cardan shaft.

Hydraulic pump
Geared, with compatible working pressure and nominal flow of up to 72 liters per minute at 1000 RPM, installed inside the hydraulic reservoir, operates immersed in oil, has an increased useful life, due to the absence of contamination by external agents.

Hydraulic command
Multiple directional valve with parallel circuit, allows to make two movements at the same time, also containing main and secondary relief valves.

It is supplied with turning manually activated by lever and, optionally, can be provided with actuation by two pedals (GIRO NO PE).

Hydraulic Reservoir
Single tank, with a capacity of 100 liters, with Filtration System equipped with a suction filter, return filter, level indicator and air filter (breather).

Hydraulic Cylinders
Double-acting, made from patterned seamless steel tubes, rods coated with hard chrome.

High resistance to pressure and weathering with two steel weaves and standardized and pressed terminals.

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